Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Necrodeath - Phylogenesis (2009)

phy - lo - gen - e - sis: the development or evolution of a particular group of organisms.

Necrodeath have always been one of the top two Italian thrash bands (the other being Bulldozer), and their 8th album Phylogenesis is ample evidence of why. Energetic, cruel thrash metal that simply drips with malevolence. Rarely technical, unless it needs to be, this is another scorcher, fueled by Flegias' intense vocals which are similar but even more snappy and pissed than Mille of Kreator.

"Awakening of Dawn" explodes out of the speakers with a fervor and madness that will appeal to any fan of the band's breakthrough reunion albums Mater of All Evil and Black as Pitch. It's a fast track, as are many of the stronger numbers. "Propitiation of the Gods" starts with some nice, creepy acoustic melodies but gains strength as it picks up speed . "Cloned World" is anchored by a bizarre, chaos inducing, loopy melodic riff. But the album also has some stronger, slower songs like the ill-tempered "Extreme Emotional Condition" and the grim, bottom feeding "Persuasive Memory".

Phylogenesis has a tight mix that supplies ample, alternate tones of hostility and wonder. Flegias sounds phenomenal whether doing his barks and snears or his more 'narrative' guttural vocals, hostile whispers, etc. The riffs have a bloodthirsty cruelty to them which should appeal to fans of Slayer, old Exodus, etc, but if you're already a Necrodeath fan you know this already. This isn't the band's best album (for that, you'd want the aforementioned Mater of All Evil or Black As Pitch or their 80s classics like Into the Macabre) but it's concrete and consistent.

Verdict: Win [8/10]


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