Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dög - Ancient Crypt Metal EP (2009)

Dög is a Hungarian cult which performs some of the most grisly, barbaric and primal black/death metal from out of Europe. Most of this material has been released previously in various incarnations, on demos and their Skullection collection a few years ago, as well as a recent split.

It is hard not to be won over if you fancy roots black metal like Hellhammer and Celtic Frost, because Dög is just a fresher...or shall I say, more rotten version of these basic principles. Simplistic churning riffs, tinny pounding drums and a vocalist who sounds like a demon standup comedian doing a T.G. Warrior impression while vomiting up his dinner and a few bottles of whiskey. Think you can handle that for about 9 minutes? Then you will love this EP. Both "Troops of Zombies" tracks trash and crust with primal abandon, dark puking vocals emitting from the depths of a desecrated tomb. "Ghoul" is the best of the four, with some nice vicious speed riffing. "Leper Mortuary" is like malevolent punk Hellhammer.

For fuck's sake, the band's name translates into 'carrion'. This is about getting sick in graveyards and vomiting on your friends or deceased loved ones. There is no mercy here. Production values? Fuck them. This is delivered with all the grit and grime of the best punk records, 100% vitriol and loathing for all good taste. You won't hear many bands that define 'brutal' like this one. Personally, I enjoyed it this time out.

Verdict: Win [7.5/10]

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