Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gravsahl - A Part of Nothing [DEMO] (2009)

Gravsahl is the project of one German Graf von Sahl, and he has recorded and issued this first demo for free (link below). There are five tracks to enjoy, and he performs a rather nasty, raw and dense black which often breaks for interludes of sorrow filled synth work.

"Redemption at Full Moon" is over 8 minutes in length, with some solemn pauses between the grim snarling and swerving guitars that create a dark and empty place for the mind to wander. The synth tones often feel 'warm' rather than 'cold', but this is not to say Gravsahl is soft. "Mountain and Forests" feels like a natural progression, with big bombastic synths and crude rasping vocals. It was interesting and felt a little like old Summoning. "Rejected" creates an emotional landscape with sad guitars and programmed drum battery, almost like raw black metal meets 80s goth pop gloom. "Blind Eyes" is eerie and atmospheric, and the "Color of Despair" is an instrumental piano outro which nicely caps off the demo.

The production of A Part of Nothing is average and homebrewed, but I felt nothing lost in the translation. There is a bit of romantic edge to Gravsahl, it is cult and dark yet not as bleak as indie black metal projects. I enjoyed the first three tracks the most, there is a good atmosphere to the material. Again, Graf is offering the demo for free, so if my musings haven't turned you off, it wouldn't kill you to check this out.

Verdict: Win [7/10]

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