Friday, October 30, 2009

Masters of Horror S2 06: Pelts (2006)

I'm not a Dario Argento fan, and have never been into his acclaimed 'Three Mothers' trilogy or giallos. He's always created some ghastly death scenes, but these have never been enough for me to sit through 90+ minutes of boredom. However, his Jennifer was a creepy tale, easily one of the best to air during the first season of Masters of Horror. So I was looking forward to his next entry...


Perhaps I should not have been so hasty. Because Pelts is pretty much shit. What is it with this season of the show, so many 'big ticket issues' turning up in the titles. Pro-Life? Pelts? Right to Die? Argento's latest offering is the simple story of cursed pelts that cause those who covet them to kill themselves in gruesome ways. No raccoon attacks, no mink attacks, nothing really interesting happens except for the final 5-10 minutes in which Meat Loaf gets it on with a stripper, gets cursed by the pelt coat he made for her walkway debut, then tears his own skin off to offer it to her. All the earlier deaths in the film are gruesome, but wasted. Kid places his own head in a bear trap. Asian woman sews up her face to death. Guy pulls out his entrails.

If you could put those scenes into a 15 minute highlight reel, it would make the remainder of the film obsolete. The silly message behind the movie is far from effective. Although the gore is comparable, this is even worse than The V Word.

Verdict: Fail [3/10]

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