Saturday, October 24, 2009

Countess - The Gospel of the Horned One (1993)

To His Lordship Pope Adrian VI,

Dearest Brother and Pontiff, I hope your stay in Rome has seen you well in these days of Ire and Mischief. Here in the North we have made steady progress in our ‘weeding’ of the Tempter’s corrupted Flock, few of whom we have managed to successfully placate at the Knees of Our Father. It is a grim business, this botany of the Spirit, but I write you not to complain about such unpleasantry, but to report to you a concern of utmost Importance.

We’ve found him, Pontiff. Him. Her. It…ORLOK.

Orlok, the heathen so foul that his very name serves to mock Our Presence with its inherent, daemonic rhyme. He has issued forth a challenge to the Trinity and the very Arms of God you have so justly set forth against the Night. A Sermon of the Tempter, which this Orlok is distributing through his vile channels under the titular ‘Gospel of the Horned One’. Such a libation to the Serpent must be silenced! Within his writings, he speaks great lies of the pagan heritage of this and surrounded lands. He speaks of a ‘March of the Clans’ and ‘Highland Victory’ ‘Under the Sign of the Celtic Cross’. But worse still, he blasphemes with his forked tongue through the incitement of ‘Full Moon Baptism’, after which he must ‘Kneel Before the Master’s Throne’.

And his presence is felt by the commons folk! Why, just a fortnight past I cornered and questioned a heathen slut, who revealed to me, in full, not only her soft and supple skin, but that she had lain with Orlok and accepted the Seed of his infernal Spectator! Orlok speaks in garbled, rasping breaths as he preaches to those unconvinced by Your Lordship and the Light of Christi. Truly a bard of Belial, a minstrel of Moloch. He must be silenced your Lordship, and I write to you that You, in Your Mercy, may provide me with the ‘extra measures’ we once spoke of.

Give unto me the Words of Permission, Brother, by the Grace of God, I shall smite this wretch from God's Garden Earth and the Annals of Being.

Your Servant,
Unto Christ,
Bishop Diego Valdés y Salas
October 24th, Anno 1518

Verdict: Guilty [7 Fallen Angels Out of 10]

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