Saturday, October 18, 2008

YMCK - Family Genesis (2008)

This year marks the beginning of my interest in the chiptune scene. Being the huge nerd that I am, and having grown up on the gorgeous music of the SNES and Gameboy, it's really no surprise that I love this nonsense. In case the term seems somewhat vague, chiptune music is the use of old videogame system sound chips to generate electronica. Although synth emulation of these sounds can be used, it is generally regarded as inferior and subsequently is less popular.

YMCK, like many in the scene, focus on 8-bit sounds. As you might imagine, this creates a wonderfully cheerful sound that is both bright and slightly chunky. Muted blips and beeps leave pixel trails to a happier land, full of innocent charm and wonder. Their style really focuses on a soft and cute sound, especially on the vocalist's undeniably Japanese end of things. Whether you're a weeaboo or just an electronica fan, there's plenty to love here. In fact, for what it is, this could easily be an Epic Win - I just don't have that much of a personal infatuation with it.

Verdict: Win [4/5]


autothrall said...

Okay...I NEED this...

autothrall said...

Okay this is crazy good. It's like sugary J-pop with a chipset.

I am so fucking hard.