Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mercy Arms - Mercy Arms (2008)

It is very, very likely that this will be my non-metal album of the year. Unless something comes out of the blue, or I reach the 300th spin and I realize I've been wrong the whole time, or Patrick Wolf manages to get his new album out this year, there's nothing I could see dislodging this.

With only one (excellent) ep release before this, Mercy Arms are starting off to a fucking good start. Their sound takes a little bit of everything: alt rock, noise, shoegaze,'s a menagerie of techniques mixed together that swathes the music in a whirring cuddle of catchy indie rock. On top of being a textural delight, Mercy Arms is goddamn catchy and a constantly energizing performance. Singer/composer Moore provides evocative, unique vocals that, while not evoking a particularly Australian style, still capture some of the beauty of British accents.

This may not impress everyone, but every time I hear it I like it even more. My first Epic Win.

Verdict: Epic Win [5/5]

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