Thursday, October 30, 2008

Insurrection - Prologue (2008)

If this only is the Prologue, I can't wait to hear the main body of the band's work, because this is quite the debut of groovy, progressive death metal from this Canadian band. Well-crafted, infectious riffing permeates each of the seven tracks, and while the album is on the short side, you are never left for wanting.

Album opener "Festin d'entrailles" is a balanced salvo of winding, grooving riffs, with just the right amount of discord to add a subtle, second layer of depth to the more obvious brutality. Stephane Jomphe's vocals are the typical brutal grunts you'd expect, but they work well enough. It's just difficult to lift the thunder on this album away from the excellent guitar work and drumming. Just technically enough to appeal to the tech death crowd, but never losing an accessible quality.

The quality of the tracks is extremely consistent, although I was mildly partial to "Entretien Avec la Bete", "Mephisto", and "Fear Tomorrow". The album sounds fantastic, it was mixed by Jef Fortin who has also worked with other Canadian death metal like Neuraxis. And that's perhaps a decent comparison, if you've enjoyed the past few albums from that better known band, you should definitely find something to enjoy here.

An exciting new band, can't wait to see where they take this in the future.

Verdict: Win [7/10]

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JD said...

Fucking awesome record, but wish it was longer.