Friday, October 24, 2008

Senthil – Crypticorifislit (2005)

Ahh, Senthil. Purportedly hailing from Texas, this mysterious group (now sans guitarist by suicide, supposedly) has built an image of pure torture. With claims of strangling themselves with chains while singing and sending out tape releases with blooded razors or bird's claws, their legacy puts them somewhere between Shining and Silencer. Ssss.

Now image is all nice and dandy, but what about the actual music? Happily enough, it doesn't stray far. Crypticorifislit lays down a fine groundwork for the suicidal black metal/funeral doom style that they have marginally changed on subsequent releases. The slow, repetitive guitars plod their way, albeit with more grit than their other work. Drums are ceaseless and simple, gaining tiny amounts of speed and urgency to lend tension as the song proceeds. Unique to this release is the use of a film sample (Irreversible, I believe) during an interlude that lends an almost snuff-like feel to it. But, there's now way around it – the vocals are the highlight of their style. Even if the whole chain deal is just a rumour, it most certainly sounds true at times. Demented and horrifying, the members of Senthil howl and screech from the recesses of sanity. Lyrics? I have no goddamn clue, but it's not necessary at all. This is the shapeless tongue of terror.

Verdict: Win

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