Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Heavenlust - Gate of Endless Dreams (2008)

It seems these days the fairy/gothic metal bands are reaching ever further to find vocalists, because both the male and female vocals that 'grace' this Italian band's debut are quite terrible. This isn't just their obvious accents, which normally I'd find cute, but they just don't sound all.

Musically this is 'orchestral' goth metal, by that I mean it's got a lot of keyboards, violin, and some guitars that sort of plod along to prove to you that this is still metal music! The riffs are never very good, the keyboards would be sufficient with some better vocals and guitars, and honestly who cares because there is just no way to take this seriously with these singers. I mean when she tries to hit a high note it's just painful. Did the band not LISTEN to this before releasing it?

It takes a very catchy, talented album in this genre to catch my attention, unfortunately the debut from Heavenlust belongs with the rest of the shovelware. Remember to recycle.

Verdict: Epic Fail [2/10]


is this your life? said...

feeling a bit masochistic with all the fairy metal, eh?

autothrall said...

I am merely a cypher my friend. A cypher of misery.