Saturday, October 18, 2008

Voidskald - Hermitry (2008)

I held off for a week or so on this review, and I'm glad I did. A few extra listens and this primal German black metal duo has grown on me.

As is so often the case here, it's a debut album. There are seven resonators of grim nihilistic philosophy, and most of them are quite well done. "Memetic Cleansing" is pure filth, in the most loving of ways, with its winding, distorted bass lines and great procession of sadistic chords, beneath the choppy, haunting vocals. "Procreation Pandemic" starts with those evil descending notes into another savage onslaught. The closer "Victor of All Wars" is perhaps my favorite track on the album, with its dreadful, slow intro and the inevitable, epic assault.

Germany is a quickly developing scene as far as its black metal, and Voidskald is a welcome addition to the fold. If you are a fan of nihilistic, pure strain of the genre, with a minimal yet efficient production, distorted bass, twangy evil guitar atmosphere, and unrelenting vocal sneer, then Hermitry belongs in your playlist.

Verdict: Win [7/10]

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