Thursday, October 23, 2008

Infinite Horizon - Soul Reducer (2008)

This is the third album from Germany's Infinite Horizon, a band I've never heard of before. They are a terrible variation of Angra, but not even great Angra. Think of the most boring riff from Aurora Consurgens, now think of a whole album like that. I might predisposed to hate this album because their name reminded me the fuck awful crap rock band from the 90s Vertical Horizon. Remember that girl you liked in high school and you tolerated a lot of shit that came out of her mouth even when she said she liked Nickelback, and you rationalized that because hey could be worse right? Yeah Vertical Horizon was worse.

Infinite Horizon don't have very many ideas and it shows. You could say their horizon is rather.... finite... hey hey! The intro to the first song, “Children of Tomorrow” shows some progress, but quickly devolves into repetitive chugging chords. It isn't until the solo later on that the song actually picks up some steam.

Singer Mark Lemmler sounds like Edu crossed with Axl Rose. This is particularly noticeable on “Under Bloodred Skies,” which is, I'm sure, the ballad they intend to play during the middle of their World Tour. You know that part of the show where you're all hyped up on energy, but for some god damn reason the band always decides to do some acoustic bullshit instead of continuing to deliver pure Satan?

Later in the album there's a song called “Into the Void.” Yes most of their song titles and lyrics are cliches. A lyric in the song goes, “Living in a world of supermodels / with bodies thin and emaciated.” It sums up this band. The lyric is embarrassing, but also redundant. When you don't have enough ideas that you are filling in a line with two words that mean the same damn thing, you should probably seek other work.

Verdict: Fail

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