Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pimentola - Misantropolis (2007)

This album showed up in our group when it came out last year, but I think it bears repeating, especially for creepy week. Hailing from Finland (so you know they're good), these newly Cold Meat'd darlings are here to disturb. Although somewhat rooted in a pompous martial and quasi-orchestral form that may at some point have crawled out of dark ambient's womb, Misantropolis so much more of a trip than you could expect. Neoclassical strings vie with howling rants. Operatic ululations lead up to industrial hip-hop grooving. Whispers work their way through the laberynthine spaces of massive factories.

Although it belongs in the dark ambient category, picture Misantropolis as theatrical industrial folk. Maybe it's because parts remind me of newer Dornenreich, but I can't help imagining this being performed by an avant-garde stage group as a part of a circus freak show. It's demented and schitzo, but nonetheless fun. Pimentola did a great job of making it all blend together smoothly, as most artists who might try such a mishmash would end with something far clunkier and more abrasive. There's a natural flow to every song that shows a lot of genius on the creator's end.

Verdict: Epic Win [5/5] (we hide the bones in your hair)

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