Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wastelander - Wardrive (2008)

It would be almost impossible for someone of my tastes to not appreciate what this band is bringing to the table on their debut. This is a three piece featuring Xaphan (perhaps best known from Summon and Wind of the Black Mountains) on guitars, and Ian Pit Viper from Superchrist on the drums. The vocals and bass are provided by Matt War. What manifests here is a great play on traditional filthy punk and crust, all wrapped up in a blackened, thrash metal shell, and it's hella fun throughout the duration of its entire track list.

You could compare this to the classic three piece bands like Venom or even Motorhead, but what might be the closest would be a more punked out Celtic Frost. Does that sound sexy? Because it is on this album. A brief intro leads you the title track of the album, with some very simple, infectious riffing and a good plodding bass, moving at about D-Beat pace. The lyrics are very 'metal', and I dare say retro in the sense they would remind you of bands like Razor and Wehrmacht. But while this might turn me off from other modern bands, they are executed so lovingly and well that it's hard not to get caught up in them. The rest of the record is equally bad ass, I truly enjoyed "Days of Hell", "Mindsweeper", "Baptized in Ashes", and "Final Combat", but there is nothing really weak here, it all follows suit.

This is an exciting release for fans of old school thrash, heavier punk, and crust metal, and the proto-black metal icing on the cake makes it that much more delicious. Don't let the deceptively simplicity of this turn you off, it's very enjoyable to blast in your car or when you want to shove your nuclear boot up someone's ass. I personally can't wait for more! Kudos to you dos. Proof that Michigan can rock. Actually this album almost makes up for Kid Rock and Eminem.

Verdict: Win [7/10]



is this your life? said...

Summon? Ooh, I gotta check this out.

is this your life? said...

mm, great light production to this.