Friday, December 31, 2010

Autothrall's Top Metal Albums of 2010

The Top 20 Metal Albums of 2010

01. Enslaved (Norway) - Axioma Ethica Odini
02. Sadist (Italy) - Season in Silence
03. Deathspell Omega (France) - Paracletus
04. The Wounded Kings (England) - The Shadow Over Atlantis
05. Hooded Menace (Finland) - Never Cross the Dead
06. I Shalt Become (USA) - Poison
07. Haeresiarchs of Dis (USA) - Denuntiatus Cinis
08. Solefald (Norway) - Norrøn Livskate
09. Sigh (Japan) - Scenes from Hell
10. Sargeist (Finland) - Let the Devil In
11. Tsorer (Israel) - Return to Sodom

12. Shaman (Brazil) - Origins
13. Hail of Bullets (Netherlands) - On Divine Winds
14. Mortualia (Finland) - Blood of the Hermit
15. Myrath (Tunisia) - Desert Call
16. Odem Arcarum (Germany) - Outrageous Reverie Above the Erosion of Barren Earth
17. Severe Torture (Netherlands) - Slaughtered
18. Horned Almighty (Denmark) - Necro Spirituals
19. Abuser (Italy) - Threats of Fate

20. Ghost (Sweden) - Opus Anonymous

Perhaps not so 'loaded' of a year as 2009, with only one perfect score awarded predictable to Enslaved, who have become one of my favorite artists on Earth. However, the quality once again runs very deep through the year, everything on this list is well worth the money and you could go another 10-20 entries and find the same. Great black metal was in high supply, and also some surprise triumphs from progressive oriented groups like Sadist and Solefald. In all, though, this is a pretty superb mix of styles and genres and proved to me that the overarching genre was successful on a number of fronts. As for the blog, I started to receive a lot of attention from labels, PR firms and bands, so the number of promos I could draw on for material expanded dramatically, and thus my exposure to a number of new sounds. Kick ass.

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