Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vinternatt - ...Echoes EP (2008)

Depressing and primal black metal from a Slovenian three-piece, this EP also comes as part of a split with fellow Slovenians Bleeding Fist. The style should come as no surprise here, when I say the words 'suicidal' black metal you have an instant sonic imprint. Very simplistic guitars over a somber bass undercurrent, with tin sounded percussion that alternates between slower double bass work and mid-paced blasting.

The first track "Echoes" carries with it a sad sound, but the drumming feels a little sloppy near the beginning and end of the various sections. The vocals have the typical harsh sneer of the black metal genre, but they don't go over the top like many of the more depressive bands in the Weakling vein. "Winternight" is a slightly more evil song with a driving Mayhem/Bathory battery. "Desecrated Silence" closes the EP with a sound much like the title track, there isn't a lot more to say. It achieves a simple and almost hypnotic melody and then shifts into a more glorious riff.

The production is demo or even rehearsal level here, and the songs are somewhat less than inspiring, but really isn't that the point? Vinternatt does not stand out for me in a huge field of similar bands, but what they offer is solid enough that some of you fans of the deep black metal underground might appreciate it.

Verdict: Indifference [6/10]

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