Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Deceiver - Thrashing Heavy Metal (2009)

Sweden has long harbored a prolific scene of great black/death/thrashing metal bands. Bewitched, Maze of Torment and Witchery all spring immediately to mind. It will come as no surprise then, that Deceiver, with a few ex-members of Maze of Torment, joins these ranks with their third album. Aside from its blunt and silly title, Thrashing Heavy Metal is a great album, loaded with thrash hooks and twisted, sick vocals of Pete Flesh.

"The Tail's of Whom in Shadows Fall" inaugurates the album with a crisp, mid-paced tempo. "Ghost of Souls & Inner Hate" is a more aggressive thrasher, you can hear the influence of bands like Kreator and Destruction, and its got a catchy hook in the verse. "Graveyard Lover" opens with slow and creepy chords, then alternates some up-tempo thrashing with slower verse. "Coma of Death Intoxication" rides off a very old school NWOBHM influence, driven by bone-crunched thrash verse. Other highlights include the driving "Dead to the World" and "Legacy". The remainder of the album was marginally less fun, but still solidly written.

The tone here is great, very bright thrashing notes, good bass plodding along under it and the vocals and drums sit perfectly into the mix. If you enjoy your Swedish thrash with the death metal influence (primarily the vocals) and some earlier British metal then Deceiver belongs in your collection right alongside Witchery.

Verdict: Win [7.5/10]

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