Saturday, December 6, 2008

Untergang - Of Pure Blood and Evil Pride (2008)

I'm always impressed when I hear a one man band that manages to get the formula right...even on a debut album. This is the first full-length from Frenchman Ghomor (at least under the name of Untergang), and it's a vile and evil affair of sadistic black metal with his disgusting vocals pasted all over the filthy chords. He can range from distorted black snarls to some very grumbling growls and the result is just a barrage of chaos. Beautiful chaos!

"Walking Through the Infernal Battlefield" begins with a grim sample before a mid paced slaughterfest commences with heinous chords compelling the listener to pick up the nearest edges weapon and cut someone open for Satan! "Immolate Jehovah's Race" has a slightly more cutting tone to it, an outright attack on the cowering god fearing masses. "Bubonik Black Metal" is a grim and brooding piece with some insanity inducing, messy leads near the close. "Of Imperial Darkness..." is laden in creepy melodies. To top this off, he covers "Wolves of Blood and Iron" from Satanic Warmaster, and it sounds excellent hear! Glorious and infernal. The album closes with an industrial noise piece known as "Black Sun Ritual", it's not great but it's an interesting departure from the rest.

From a production standpoint this is pure basement or bedroom metal, but he manages to create a more than adequate tone. If you prefer some savagery to your black metal, Untergang is walking the razor's edge and entirely true to form with this introductory journey into Satanic peril.

Verdict: Win (7/10)

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