Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brutal Rebirth - Hate Over All (2008)

It's becoming increasingly common to hear bands pushing an older school, simplistic style of death metal which recalls the 90s scene ranging from Bolt Thrower to Deicide, Autopsy to Incantation. French trio Brutal Rebirth fita into this category, and while I can't give them the utmost praise of a band like Hail of Bullets, this is a tasteful enough debut.

"Red Inside" opens with a pure, desolate death metal groove, but it's a fairly average opening track which is soon surpassed. "Philosophy of Vengeance" has some great, familiar riffing, pure old school death metal, and then a pretty sick breakdown. "Cleaning Time" is a slow, simple groove. "Hate Over All" and "Axe of Carnage" are two of the other tracks I thought were among the best material here, but in general there is a consistent quality with a few less interesting songs.

The mix is quite crisp, the instruments are all distinct and it fits well with their punchy form of slower mosh pit brutality. There is little original about the material, and few of the songs are exciting, but occasionally they bust out this raging old school death metal riff which truly takes you back. The lead work is simple, noisy and effective. Can't give this high recommendations, as there are bands doing this throwback death metal style a little better. However, there is nothing actually 'bad' about this at all.

Verdict: Indifference [6.5/10]

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