Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oaks - Bravo! (2008)

Need some fresh smoke in your stoner metal playlist? Oaks have got you covered. This label-less LA-based group have started off with a bang, from the damn solid album sound (courtesy of Toshi Kasai, who also recorded all of the Melvins album in the last six years) to their repertoir of heavy, infectious riffs. Groundbreaking? Not really, it's just fucking good. It's the kind of music that demands some sort of ravishing physical attention, whether that be headbanging or full-body contact. The guitar tone is heavy and gritty, but clear, the drums are full of lively fills, and the singer's wails know their place in the music. Sure, you'll recognize a lot of the riffs, but you won't care because you'll be rocking out too hard. The last two songs, "Kix 4 Free" and "Deerhead" are most definitely the highlights of the ep, taking their time to get going and establish the mood - hopefully we'll see more along these lines on future efforts.

When a band starts off this strongly with a self-released ep, you know they're going to be worth your attention. Keep your eyes on these blokes for sure. As far as the score, I can't give this an epic win - it's just an ep, and it is derivative - but I can give this an epic check this shit out, now.

Verdict: Win [4/5]

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