Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oracle of the Void - Further Steps to a Perfect World (2008)

I'll start by saying this band goes directly for the throat with their brand of atmospheric black metal. It's primarily in a necro style but they've got some light keyboard orchestration and they are quite good at setting off a dark mood.

This is the debut for these Australians, nine tracks of grim cosmic blasphemy. The first track "Absolute Love" blasts right the fuck out of the void into your speakers, with a somber pattern of hypnotic black riffs slathered in the vicious rantings of Gamaliel. But more fascinating is the breakdown into a slower, haunting riff. "Bone Devil" starts off with a winding riff under keyboards, it reminded me of something that might be found on Samael's Passage, except far more grim, and then of course until the blasting bombast enters the composition. Sick. "The Anatomical Commission" (what a great song title) is just swerving and disgustingly intense. The rest of the songs are likewise intriguing. The static opening to the grim "White Claudia". The ethereal vocal choir bridge of "The Valve". Or the barbaric acoustic breakdown in "302". Truly this is a band into some deep and creepy influences of the cosmic horror and occult variety.

Like most successful black metal albums, this one is an experience which is best appreciated in the right environment. I recommend a lot of darkness, and maybe watch some creepy old Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episodes in black and white glory, with NO volume. It's not the catchiest album nor is it among the more impressive you'll hear lately, but it's effective enough when consumed as a whole, much akin to what the Elder Gods plan on doing to you and your pathetic worlds. YOU WORMS!

Verdict: Win [7/10]

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