Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vedonist - The World of Reversed Decalogue (2008)

This Polish band's debut Awaking to Immortality does not ring a bell, it must have blown directly past me. At any rate, this second album is a thorough display of the band's ability to mesh death and thrash metal with some touches of good old guitar shred.

Much of the death metal comes directly from Vommbath's vocals, carrying a brutal edge to them not unlike countrymen Vader or Dies Irae. The music itself is some pretty technical thrashing metal, occasionally bordering on a frenzy similar to Theory in Practice or Gory Blister (you know, that latter-day style of Death sounding progressive tech metal). The riffs are interesting enough to follow without becoming labyrinthine in their complexity. I enjoyed some of the choppier tracks such as "Apprehensive Respect", "Sleeping in Flame" and the excellent "Sonderkommando" with an amazing speed picked bridge riff dowsed in amazingly timed chugs.

This is all delivered in a razor edge mix, loud on the guitars but not enough that you can't make out anything else. They really are the feature here anyway, though the drumming is likewise impressive. I guess the simplest comparison I can make with this album is to imagine a speedier, tech thrash answer to Vader. Sound like sex? Then you will definitely enjoy this.

Verdict: Win [8/10]

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