Monday, February 16, 2009

Dead Christ Cult - Your Absurd Life (2009)

Sadistic black/thrashers of the Ukraine deliver a crisp and battering collection of seven tracks, and though I would hardly call this fourth slab of glistening guts an inspirational work, it's grim and worth a head bang or six.

The guitars here are a mixture of buzzing, grinding chords and a very poppy sounding thrash tone, but Maksym does not fail to deliver some evil sounding notes. "K pobede zhelezom i krovyu" begins with a pretty evil black metal part then erupts into some popping, snarling thrash attack. The feel of the latter borders on very early Sodom or Kreator when the bands sounded their most vile. "Efemernost zhizni" is a slower thrash piece which totally had me kick my chair over and start a circle pit of one in my listening chambers. Hella fun. "Izheprorok" drives forward with a vicious melody then slows for an old school thrash verse. "Mertvoe kasanie" is one of my favorite tracks on the album, and has some great flowing tech black/death guitars with some catchy bridges. "Ogon Mesti" is another scorcher with some truly evil and cool riffs.

The album sounds pretty raw but the guitar tones make up for it. The bass is really pumping low in the mix but gives a little atmosphere to the brightness of the guitars. The drums may very well be programmed but they're not exactly on par with the riffs or native tongue vocals so you I can hardly call this a fault or distraction. There is a particular sect of black/thrash crossover fans who will enjoy this album. If you are fond of bands like Aura Noir, Bewitched and Maze of Torment, it's definitely worth a listen.

Verdict: Win [8/10]

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