Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hell United - HornoKracy (2008)

Formerly known as Eclypse, this Polish black/death cult has achieved a level of high intensity under their new nomenclature. With a sound somewhere between 1349 and modern Behemoth, you know you are in for a complete unholy racket. Fortunate these gentlemen write intriguing enough songs that this is a headache well worth attaining.

Hostile enough to flay Christian skin straight from their bodies, the album begins with the haunting bells toll of "Eucharistik Masochism". It's a shredder with some nice riffs, and I like the subtle guitar layers over the bridge. "Lamentations of Gods" continues to amass the destruction until the body count is almost incalculable. "God Father Goat Father" is a clarion call to victory for the LEGIONS OF HELL. Because surely this is the side these guys serve on, and they surely have achieved officer status at the least. And to think I haven't even gotten to the meat yet, because "Gospel of Havoc" is just fucking sick. "In the Name of Hellfire" slows things down a little, though its still quite evil. By this point, you need a slowdown, because you have to recover. "Insatiable Thirst for Injure" picks up the pace with some vile melody and pure oldschool grinding evil riffs. "Extra Strength of the Obscure" has a more sheer, black edge. The final two tracks, "Too Pity Too Insane" and "Great Expiatory's Suicide" are likewise sinister and blacker. And in fact, I love the use of the chanting sample and the ambiance in the latter.

The musicians are what you expect from the Polish scene: well honed and brutal cutting knives of slaughter metal. The drumming is off the wall but this guy makes it seem as if it's just Tuesday or something. If Behemoth simply isn't enough for you and you want something even more destructive, the debut from Hell United is an amazing effort and you should have already whipped out the credit card. Hail Satan mother fuckers! Or something like that. Buy this. And kiss your ass goodbye.

Verdict: Epic Win (9/10)

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