Saturday, November 1, 2008

Severed Savior - Servile Insurrection (2008)

I was first introduced to Severed Savior through a former band mate and co-worker, who owned their debut Brutality is Law. I thought that album was a decent dose of USDM with a style reminiscent of earlier Cryptopsy. And now the follow up has arrived, and its even better, an impressive offering of technical death metal, fast and dynamic and rich with intense atmosphere.

Like Psycroptic and earlier Cryptopsy, these guys are both competent and unforgiving. There is so much going on here that it took me a few spins to truly comprehend. "Question" sets the pace with its whirlwind streams of brutal picking, hyper bass lines and intense drum discharge. "Inverted and Inserted" (great song title) reminds me of Pestilence and Deathrow if they were forced to form a band together and play brutal, modern death. The brutal groove of "Fuck the Humans" almost killed me. After all, they are right. Fuck the humans!

What else can I really say? I've got no complaints with this, it's probably the best technical death metal record delivered this year, and one of the best ever. It's an easy candidate for my year's end top list. So much going on that I'll be able to enjoy it for many listens to come. The cover art is also quite fetching. If you like technical death metal at all, Service Insurrection offers 11 tracks of the very best the genre has to offer at the moment, each a standard of excellence that many other bands can only aspire to. Absolutely essential listening here. Enjoy!

Verdict: Epic Win [9/10] (unspin my head if you please)

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