Sunday, November 9, 2008

Recueil Morbide - A Neverending Fight (2008)

For their third album these brutal Frenchmen deliver the devastation with some high production values. A mixture of super guttural grunts and snarling off vocals spearhead the violent guitars and inhuman blasting. They have a more straightforward style of brutality than countrymen like Yrkoon and Bloody Sign, tapping an almost infinite well of energy.

The results for myself were mixed. While I found some of the tracks here forgettable, there were a few of interest. I enjoy the flowing barrage of "My Worst Defeat", with just the right balance of atmosphere and a good pummeling. The title track was also pretty good, with some nice choppy, thrashing riffs and a very cool, flowing end segment. "A Faceless Terror" has some intense riffing. The final track "Open the Scars" is another solid tune. As for the rest, didn't quite stand out to me.

Few death metal fans are as picky as myself though, and many will likely enjoy this for its rock solid production, tight riffing and immediate sense of brutality. You could do a lot worse than Recuiel Morbide, their songwriting is far superior to the multitudes of crappy guttural stomp core bands. I just wasn't caught by enough of the music.

Verdict: Indifference [6/10]

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