Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fennesz/Jeck/Matthews - Amoroso (2008)

It's good to have friends. One of mine just hooked me up with Amoroso, a seven-minute 7" of dark ambient released by UK label Touch back in April of this year. An interesting combination of three musicians and one instrument, Touch composers Christian Fennesz and Philip Jeck each take a side and put their personal spin on a recording by organist Charles Matthews.

Fennesz is first up to bat and treats the pipes gently, his hand all but unnoticeable but for the heightened distortion occupying the middle of the track. "Jeck Plays Charles Matthews" on side B and plays him thoroughly, lending a harsher, chaotic feel to the organ's dirge that fans of noise music will appreciate.

The two tracks blend seamlessly and whet the listener's appetite for more, and I'll be on the lookout for more by these gentlemen in the future. There's not a lot of music on Amoroso, but what's here is well worth having.

Verdict: Win (8/10)

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