Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Moon And The Nightspirit - Regõ Rejtem (2007)

The second album by The Moon And The Nightspirit, a Hungarian folk band, features lyrics entirely in Hungarian, dealing with subjects like nature, spirits and other pagan concepts. The music features a large variety of ethnic instruments, and Agnes provides an absolutely beautiful vocal performance.

Regõ Rejtem contains nine songs, all of which are quite distinct, yet have a sound similar enough that they don’t stand out too much. This keeps the album interesting, without feeling disconnected, or any of the songs feeling too much out of place. The band has also been very wise with their use of instruments, as with an abundance of folk instruments, they never go overboard with them. Using only the necessary ones to produce the sound they’re looking for, they achieve more than if they tried to jam all the instruments they possibly could into the music. Some folk bands do not show this restraint.

The music throughout the album is relatively slow and tranquil, but dynamic enough to keep the listener interested. The songs are simply beautiful, and something about them speaks to the small primal piece deep inside, that embraces nature and times long past. Regõ Rejtem was also the first time I purchased an album based on hearing just one song. Éjköszöntõ convinced me that I have to hear the rest.

I could keep praising the album, but that isn’t going to serve any real purpose. I would heartily suggest checking Regõ Rejtem out if you can conceive any possibility of liking pagan folk music with beautiful female vocals.

Verdict: Epic Win (9/10)

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