Saturday, November 1, 2008

Visceral Damage - Icon of Massive Murder (2008)

This is the second album from Spain's Visceral Damage, a brutal death fest with some great riffing and intensity. Technical enough to please all the br00tal wankers yet it never forgets that it's actually DEATH METAL, menacing and dark. So many albums coming out in this genre, it's like taste testing between wines and cheeses. I'd equate Visceral Damage to a decent merlot or muenster, the quality is obvious even if it isn't the best you've ever sampled.

Most of the tracks here feel like a jackhammer being applied to various joints on the human body. Precise, surgical attacks with tight, punchy guitars and thundering drums. Tracks like "Ossic" and "Primitive Instincts" can quickly put one in a panic, truly these are the sounds of murder. Perhaps my favorite here was "13 Killed", with its churning old school death metal riffing intro that erupts into brutal thrash. "Livid Evil" is another killer. The instrumental album closer "Funeral Orb" was kind of nifty too, a doom number with pianos. I'd almost wished this were the intro to another song.

Visceral Damage truly display their ability to capture the essence of death metal dating from back to Death, Morbid Angel and early Cannibal Corpse, and then infuse it into the more technical, brutal mindset convergent with the current philosophy of this scene. The result is a good album worth any death metal fan's time.

Verdict: Win [7/10] (the link didn't work when I tried it though)

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