Friday, November 6, 2009

Masters of Horror S2 09: Right to Die (2007)

Right to Die is directed by Rob Schmidt, the man who has brought you Eliza Duskhu horror films such as Wrong Turn and The Alphabet Killer. It's one of the stronger episodes of the series, and like Pelts and Pro-Life before it, takes a rather...interesting spin on a popular issue (and this time, successfully).


Cliff Addison (Martin Donovan of Weeds) and wife Abby (Julie Benson of Stargate Universe) are having some relationship problems when Cliff crashes his car, driving off the road and managing to get her burned alive. Her skin is completely melted off and she is kept in the hospital, still breathing, as her husband and mother begin a media battle over her fate.

Well, obviously there are many twists and turns to this story. The couples' relationship issues stemmed from Cliff's infidelity with saucy nurse Trish, which Abby had discovered after the idiot was discovered in the act on his cell phone. Abby may or may not have the ability to use psychic powers to affect those around her, and these powers may even be deadly. There are some further twists which I will keep to myself, and a beautifully gory scene where Dr. Cliff gases Trish and removes all her skin to graft onto Abby.

Right to Die is fun, it's demented, and quite racy. It's not shocking, but the implications are a little frightening. And those of you who have been gawking over Benson's breasts in the first season of Stargate Universe should watch this episode, since there is one very revealing scene that will allow you to finally get it all out of your systems and leave her alone. This was one of the better, consistent episodes of the 2nd season so far. It's not perfect, but it is fun enough.

Verdict: Win [7/10]

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