Monday, November 2, 2009

Gorezone - Brutalities of Modern Domination (2009)

The third effort from Germans Gorezone is not about to stimulate either half of your brain, but it will stomp on it, repeatedly, until it becomes liquefied organic mush on which the rats will feed. Brutalities of Modern Domination is an all too honest title for this record, the stench of carrion and blasphemy permeates its apocalypse of superhuman drumming and relentless, twitchy chugging rhythms, with dual snarl/grunt vocals blasting at you from the furnace of Carcass nostalgia and a solid grind ethic.

You're more apt to enjoy this album if you venerate the faceless masses of brutal, start/stop chugging USDM, but Gorezone are a little above average for the style. They don't craft the type of memorable riffing that makes your jaw hang and your finger dial for a replay, but their mix of brutal efficiency and ever-winding hooks is enough to rattle the ADD from your ears. Tracks like "Driven by the Cells of Bigotry" and "The Waterboarding Complex" are about as educational as an 18-wheeler running over your family on a Sunday afternoon, but they are fun enough to listen through once or twice. Perhaps the most memorable riff is the Napalm Death-like blasting intro to "The Privilege to Breathe", which sadly succumbs to rather average chug-squeal.

Brutalities of Modern Domination sounds quite strong, as a superb mix of guitars buzz by your ears like corpse-flies honing on the carnage. The drumming is strong, if to be expected in this style, and the vocals sufficient. Gorezone does not have an original style, as they present a collage of many hundreds of bands before them, but if you desire only to have your head examined...AFTER having it smashed open, then this should satisfy.

Highlights: Driven by the Cells of Bigotry, The Waterboarding Complex

Verdict: Indifference [6.5/10]

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