Friday, October 9, 2009

Autothrall's Best Metal Albums of 1987

The Top 20 Metal Albums of 1987

01. King Diamond (Denmark) - Abigail
02. Voivod (Canada) - Killing Technology
03. Candlemass (Sweden) - Nightfall
04. Lizzy Borden (USA) - Visual Lies
05. Savatage (USA) - Hall of the Mountain King
06. Kreator (Germany) - Terrible Certainty
07. Helloween (Germany) - Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt. I
08. Bathory (Sweden) - Under the Sign of the Black Mark
09. Celtic Frost (Switzerland) - Into the Pandemonium
10. Running Wild (Germany) - Under Jolly Roger
11. Holy Moses (Germany) - Finished With the Dogs
12. Overkill (USA) - Taking Over
13. Death Angel (USA) - The Ultra-Violence
14. Tankard (Germany) - Chemical Invasion
15. Testament (USA) - The Legacy
16. Coroner (Switzerland) - R.I.P.
17. Rage (Germany) - Execution Guaranteed
18. Death (USA) - Scream Bloody Gore
19. Indestroy (USA) - Indestroy
20. Holy Terror (USA) - Terror and Submission

It might seem slightly underwhelming between two of the greatest years the genre has ever seen, but 1987 was actually quite loaded to the teats in quality. Only four perfect scores lead the way here, but the rest of the roster is admittedly quite impressive. Also, we've got more or less the first 'real' death metal record with Scream Bloody Gore, so that's a milestone. Helloween's sophomore also left a massive impression on all the Euro-power/flower bands to follow. In general though, just a lot of superb thrash, speed and heavy metal, with Germany kicking all sorts of posterior.


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