Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nightwing - Black Summer (1982)

Nightwing are an obscure treasure of the NWOBHM movement who are still active after 30 years, finally releasing a new full length in 2008. Black Summer is their sophomore effort and quite a stunner for its day, easily surpassing the band's debut Something in the Air. What I truly love about this album is the use of proggy 70s synthesizers to create a larger than life atmosphere to the usual blues rock riffs.

"Overnight Sensation" is a raging opener, the keyboards really set up the blue collar pace of the band and the vocals create a similarity to Saxon, with a thick, emotional voice that spins tales of rocking out and kicking ass. This song makes me wants to hit my pipe, kiss my woman full on the lips and head downtown for a night of pinball at the arcade, where I could possibly score some hallucinogens. There are a few keyboard-driven, radio butt rock tracks on the album like "Bird Has Flown", but even these exude their charm. "Long Hard Road" is an epic that makes Survivor and Foreigner sound uninspirational by comparison, the synth lines rule. But if it's more of the band's harder edge you desire, you should be satisfied by "Carry On", "Evil Woman" and "Searching". There is not a track on Black Summer I wouldn't drink or make out to. You should all be ashamed of yourselves that this band isn't remembered today!

Highlights: Overnight Sensation, Long Hard Road, Black Summer, Evil Woman

Verdict: Win [8.5/10]

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