Friday, October 9, 2009

Autothrall's Best Metal Albums of 1988

The Best 20 Metal Albums of 1988

01. Voivod (Canada) -  Dimension Hatröss
02. Running Wild (Germany) - Port Royal
03. Queensrÿche (USA) - Operation: Mindcrime
04. Pestilence (Netherlands) - Malleus Maleficarum
05. Rage (Germany) - Perfect Man
06. Bathory (Sweden) - Blood Fire Death
07. Coroner (Switzerland) - Punishment for Decadence
08. Death (USA) - Leprosy
09. Znöwhite (USA) - Act of God
10. Tankard (Germany) - The Morning After
11. Danzig (USA) - Danzig
12. Realm (USA) - Endless War
13. Vio-lence (USA) - Eternal Nightmare
14. Slayer (USA) - South of Heaven
15. Razor (Canada) - Violent Restitution
16. Sabbat (UK) - History of a Time to Come
17. Scanner (Germany) - Hypertrace
18. Sanctuary (USA) - Refuge Denied
19. King Diamond (Denmark) - "Them"
20. Soundgarden (USA) - Ultramega OK

Though there have been a few amazingly productive and quality-soaked years of metal in the 21st century thus far, I'd have to say that 1988 stands as the pinnacle of achievement for the genre at large. The rush really started in '86, but bands just kept expanding and honing the sounds of thrash, speed and traditional metal to perfect. To be honest, there are so many albums I'd rate 9/10 (90%) or higher this year that it would probably take a list of 50 to cover the lot, but until such a time I feel like expanding I'll leave it at 20. I'd say the top eleven choices here were all absolutely perfect records, more than any other year since I've started listening. If I were to draft up a short list of my top 10 favorite metal albums in history, the top three here would make the cut. Danzig's solo debut might seem a questionable inclusion, as well as the Soundgarden debut, but they've certainly got a metal edge to the dark, doom rock and grunge and were pretty popular among the heshers. They stay.


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