Friday, October 9, 2009

Autothrall's Best Metal Albums of 1990

The Top 20 Metal Albums of 1990

01. Artillery (Denmark) - By Inheritance
02. Kreator (Germany) - Coma of Souls
03. Entombed (Sweden) - Left Hand Path
04. Judas Priest (UK) - Painkiller
05. King Diamond (Denmark) - The Eye
06. Megadeth (USA) - Rust in Peace
07. Obituary (USA) - Cause of Death
08. Nocturnus (USA) - The Key
09. Suicidal Tendencies (USA) - Lights...Camera...Revolution!
10. Danzig (USA) - II - Lucifuge
11. Vicious Rumors (USA) - Vicious Rumors
12. Carnage (Sweden) - Dark Recollections
13. Slayer (USA) - Seasons in the Abyss
14. Rage (Germany) - Reflections of a Shadow
15. Chastain (USA) - For Those Who Dare
16. Anthrax (USA) - Persistence of Time
17. Headhunter (Germany) - Parody of Life
18. Kinghorse (USA) - Kinghorse
19. Paradise Lost (UK) - Lost Paradise
20. Forbidden (USA) - Twisted Into Form

I consider 1990 to be the spiritual end of the 'Golden Age' of thrash metal, and the beginning of a lull in general for the genre. There were still some phenomenal albums here. The top five are all perfect 10's for me, with Rust in Peace close behind, but it felt like thrash and speed had begun to run its course, perhaps not peaking in experimentation but at least in its technical evolution. Death metal was still relatively young, but Entombed and Carnage upped the ante with their crushing Swedish tones and proved that England and the States were no longer alone in this race. No unusual choices here, the Vicious Rumors is not well loved but it happens to be my hands down favorite of their career. I remember how Painkiller kicking so much ass, in the studio and on the stage, was a bit of a surprise at the time, I don't think I expected them to come back so hard.


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