Friday, October 9, 2009

Autothrall's Best Metal Albums of 1991

The Top 20 Metal Albums of 1991

01. Entombed (Sweden) - Clandestine
02. Paradise Lost (UK) - Gothic
03. Voivod (Canada) - Angel Rat
04. Armored Saint (USA) - Symbol of Salvation
05. Soundgarden (USA) - Badmotorfinger
06. Carcass (UK) - Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious
07. Root (Czech) - Hell Symphony
08. Dark Angel (USA) - Time Does Not Heal
09. Tad (USA) - 8-Way Santa
10. Autopsy (USA) - Mental Funeral
11. Crows (Germany) - The Dying Race
12. Pestilence (Netherlands) - Testimony of the Ancients
13. Immolation (USA) - Dawn of Possession
14. Darkthrone (Norway) - Soulside Journey
15. Master's Hammer (Czech) - Ritual
16. The Mist (Brazil) - The Hangman Tree
17. Atheist (USA) - Unquestionable Presence
18. Mind Funk (USA) - Mind Funk
19. Skyclad (UK) - The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth
20. Coroner (Switzerland) - Mental Vortex

Not a strong year overall; in fact 1991 was one of the weakest in memory for me. No 10/10 scores.  But don't think there was nothing important happening. It was a pretty diverse time in my listening. We see some black metal penetration from Czech bands Root and Master's Hammer. A few last gasps for thrash metal here, and a few surprise speed/heavy metal records. Some grunge that I love. Darkthrone, one of my favorite bands ever arrives, but not in the form that most recognize. A lot of dynamic death metal, but the absence of sacred cows like Blessed Are the Sick, Human and Sepultura's Arise is not an accident, I've always found them surprisingly average. You know. Opinions, like assholes.


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