Friday, October 9, 2009

Autothrall's Best Metal Albums of 1986

The Top 20 Metal Albums of 1986

01. Metallica (USA) - Master of Puppets
02. Slayer (USA) - Reign in Blood
03. Iron Maiden (UK) - Somewhere in Time
04. Tankard (Germany) - Zombie Attack
05. Fates Warning (USA) - Awaken the Guardian
06. Fifth Angel (USA) - Fifth Angel
07. Megadeth (USA) - Peace Sells...But Who's Buying
08. Kreator (Germany) - Pleasure to Kill
09. King Diamond (Denmark) - Fatal Portrait
10. Rage (Germany) - Reign of Fear
11. Cirith Ungol (USA) - One Foot in Hell
12. Hexx (USA) - Under the Spell
13. Détente (USA) - Recognize No Authority
14. Motörhead (UK) - Orgasmatron
15. Voivod (Canada) - Rrröööaaarrr
16. Blade Runner (UK) - Warriors of Rock
17. Destruction (Germany) - Eternal Devastation
18. Dark Angel (USA) - Darkness Descends
19. Metal Church (USA) - The Dark
20. Exorcist (USA) - Nightmare Theater

Queue the mushroom clouds! The two top records here are my favorite two metal records, ever. Hands down. This was really a great year for violent thrash like Reign in Blood, Darkness Descends, Pleasure to Kill. A lot of great shit, though, and this was the first year of these lists where I found I couldn't squeeze in all the greatness to just 20. Nothing unusual made the list. The Fifth Angel and Iron Maiden records might seem pretty tame in this environment, but both are possessed of phenomenal songwriting. In fact, Somewhere in Time is my favorite Maiden. 1986 through 1990 was more or less an age of prosperity in my record collecting and getting into new sounds, the vast majority of everything I picked up through the end of junior high through high school was among the most influential in my own development as both a musician and metal fan.


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