Thursday, October 8, 2009

Autothrall's Best Metal Albums of 2000

The Top 20 Metal Albums of 2000

01. Red Harvest (Norway) - Cold Dark Matter
02. Electric Wizard (UK) - Dopethrone
03. Raise Hell (Sweden) - Not Dead Yet
04. Exhumed (USA) - Slaughtercult
05. Helloween (Germany) - The Dark Ride
06. Deftones (USA) - White Pony
07. The Lord Weird Slough Feg (USA) - Down Among the Deadmen
08. Decapitated (Poland) - Winds of Creation
09. Cradle of Filth (UK) - Midian
10. Impaled Nazarene (Finland) - Nihil
11. Deceased (USA) - Supernatural Addiction
12. Carpathian Forest (Norway) - Strange Old Brew
13. Soilwork (Sweden) - The Chainheart Machine
14. Sabbat (Japan) - Satanasword
15. Runemagick (Sweden) - Resurrection in Blood
16. Desaster (Germany) - Tyrants of the Netherworld
17. Vader (Poland) - Litany
18. Halford (UK) - Resurrection
19. Motörhead (USA) - We Are Motörhead
20. Morbid Angel (USA) - Gateways to Annihilation

Hardly a banner year, but my top choices for Y2K made a nice contrast against the techno-savvy and paranoia that my civilization had started to adopt with the widespread adoption of broadband internet and other advancements. Dopethrone is just fucking crushing, and the Red Harvest record is an incredibly overlooked masterwork of industrialized, atmospheric extreme metal. The rest of the list is also loaded, with favorites from Decapitated, Raise Hell, Exhumed, and even Cradle of Filth who hit their creative peak on the concept album Midian. Deftones are an outsider, but I really loved this particular album and listened to it to death. In fact, for my money, it's probably the greatest 'nu metal' album of all time, if we're calling it that. Quite an 'extreme' year, all told, but it was also cool to see old timers like Rob Halford and Lemmy sneak on here.


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