Friday, October 9, 2009

Autothrall's Best Metal Albums of 1982

The Top 20 Metal Albums of 1982

01. Venom (UK) - Black Metal
02. Iron Maiden (UK) - The Number of the Beast
03. Judas Priest (UK) - Screaming with Vengeance
04. Uriah Heep (UK) - Abominog
05. KISS (USA) - Creatures of the Night
06. Accept (Germany) - Restless and Wild
07. Scorpions (Germany) - Blackout
08. Shiva (UK) - Firedance
09. Motörhead (UK) - Iron Fist
10. Manowar (USA) - Battle Hymns
11. Girlschool (UK) - Screaming Blue Murder
12. Heavy Load (Sweden) - Death or Glory
13. Nightwing (UK) - Black Summer
14. Raven (UK) - Wiped Out
15. Anvil (Canada) - Metal on Metal
16. Witchfinder General (UK) - Death Penalty
17. Riot (USA) - Restless Breed
18. Tank (UK) - Filth Hounds of Hades
19. Demon (UK) - The Unexpected Guest
20. Twisted Sister (US) - Under the Blade

Venom dominates for the second year straight, though when I was a kid I had only been exposed to a few of their songs. I wasn't able to explore their records until later in middle school, and had to keep them in hiding due to the covers. Who was it that said "parents just don't understand?" Oh yeah, the Fresh Prince. Anyway, as expected the vast majority of the records here are all from the NWOBHM. Some cheesy American fun like Manowar and KISS started to show up, and Anvil was on track to make some headway for Canadian metal, but 60% of the list is strictly British. An odd choices here in the progressive band Shiva, but what an excellent record. I originally had Discharge on the list, but no matter how influential they were on thrash metal I think ultimately that's more of a punk album.


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