Friday, October 9, 2009

Autothrall's Best Metal Albums of 1983

The Top 20 Metal Albums of 1983

01. Metallica (USA) - Kill 'Em All
02. Def Leppard (UK) - Pyromania
03. Slayer (USA) - Show No Mercy
04. Iron Maiden (UK) - Piece of Mind
05. Mercyful Fate (Denmark) - Melissa
06. Savatage (USA) - Sirens
07. Ozzy Osbourne (UK) - Bark at the Moon
08. Loudness (Japan) - The Law of Devil's Land
09. Witchfinder General (UK) - Friends of Hell
10. Exciter (Canada) - Heavy Metal Maniac
11. Saxon (UK) - Power and the Glory
12. Manilla Road (USA) - Crystal Logic
13. Satan (UK) - Court in the Act
14. Oz (Fi) - Fire in the Brain
15. Manowar (USA) - Into Glory Ride
16. Acid (Belgium) - Maniac
17. Raven (UK) - All for One
18. Accept (Germany) - Balls to the Wall
19. Riot (USA) - Born in America
20. Thin Lizzy (Ireland) - Thunder & Lightning

I was not yet aged to the double digits in 1983, so naturally a few of these more obscure choices were those I encountered way down the timeline. Bands like Slayer and Metallica were more or less banned in my circle, but that worked out as they took a few years to circulate and swell in popularity. It might seem heresy that I've included Def Leppard's Pyromania and ranked it above records from Slayer and Iron Maiden, but it was nonetheless a remarkable piece of music and I must have worn down both my vinyl and cassette versions I listened to it so damned much. Anyway I slice it, though, 1983 belonged to Metallica and Kill 'Em All, an immortal fusion of traditional British metal influences and the speed/thrash that was starting to come into fruition here in the States. Still a lot of NWOBHM here. A few totally overlooked gems like the Oz, Acid and Manilla Road that deserve a listen. Manilla in particular, they might not have shown up on a lot of these lists I've drafted, but they were a very good band for a very long time.


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