Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ruttokorppi - Siivet Saatanan Armosta [DEMO] (2009)

Ruttokorppi is a two piece Finnish band performing raw black metal with a tendency to lapse into sequences of melodic, doomy black. Their hostile and raw aggression reminded me most of their countrymen Horna, who also have an edge for dark melodies when the need arises.

Siivet Saatanan Armosta is the band's first demo, and has an understandably raw but understated production which works with this style. The vocals are hoarse and sloppy snarls spewing forth Satanic dementia, the guitars always maintain an occult grace, and the bass is thankfully audible in this band. The drums are a little repressed, but you can make out the beats enough. "Siivet Saatanan Armosta" opens the demo with some samples of storm over nice acoustics, and then some good melodies to create a crawling, doomlike trance. The track picks up a little steam in its later moments before collapsing once more into a depressive state. "Pirunliekki" has driving bass and guitar melody which creates a pattern of sorrow before a catchy thrash bridge. "Yon Sarvet" builds with a folkish melody (think old Amorphis) alongside some ringing chords. There are some good old school black/thrash riffs, and some breakdowns with howling and creepy ambience and whispers. I thought this was the most entertaining of the three tracks.

Ruttokorppi certainly has the passion and bestial representation to rub horns with the bigger bands of their scene, and the tracks here are decent, if not compelling. It will be interesting to hear how the band's material works on a longer playing release.

Verdict: Indifference [6.5/10]

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