Friday, October 16, 2009

Horncrowned - Casus Belli Antichristanus (2009)

Colombia's most violent black metal outfit returns for their third longplayer Casus Belli Antichristanus, an unforgiving assault on all virtue and sensibility. This album sounds like an army of goat headed daemons marching for war, prepared to reap the skulls of angels and wear their charred wings as jewelry. Horncrowned is a fast fucking band; that is, they rarely if ever brake for anyone. It is this fact which makes the album both listenable in small bursts and a bore in the long run, because after about 3-4 tracks I was hoping for some more varied dynamics. There is sadly no relief, as the band ranges from just fast to painfully fast.

Black metal warfare this is. If you seek some sort of enriched, artistic statement you are listening to the wrong band. Horncrowned desire only to worship Satan and press gang you into the legions of Hell, through dizzying tracks with titles like "Blackfire Stratocumulus (Pest arrival)", "Anticlericalism (Absolute Evil Supremacy)", and my personal favorite "Lucifer's Flamethrower Horde (Thy Demonical Squad)". Through all their abyssal fury, there is something comical and endearing about the band. Casus Belli Antichristanus is a step up in sound from its predecessor, Satanic Armageddon. The album sounds quite good, with churning, apocalyptic guitars and the aptly named drummer Bombardier. There's not a whole lot to recommend about the album unless you like getting your ass served to you on a sacrifical platter for 40 minutes. You will need some body armour for this one, and a streak of masochism. This is madness! THIS IS SATAN!

Highlights: Lucifer's Flamethrower Horde (Thy Demonical Squad), Defeated Christ (Hellish Forces Deployment)

Verdict: Indifference [6.5/10]

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