Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sarkom - To Ruin Something That Was Never Meant to Be EP (2009)

Sarkom's last full-length Bestial Supremacy was a worthwhile offering of pure, vile black metal with some nasty riffing. This new 7" EP, To Ruin Something That Was Never Meant to Be, features two new tracks.

The title piece is a subdued, doomish crawler, a bleak tapestry punctured with somber vocals, a creeping march of mutes heralding the onset of its black spewing chorus. The song also features a brief horn solo, which works quite nicely. "Black Bondage Suicide", the b-side track, is more of what you'd expect from hearing the last album. Seductive, grim blasting black metal with a lot of vocal noise and the samples of screaming women. It's a fairly straightforward track, offering little in the way of memorable or truly heavy riffing, but shows the band isn't about to slow down.

This is under 10 minutes of material, so I can't recommend it unless you're already a die hard for the band. If you're new to Sarkom, start with Bestial Supremacy, it has some better songs. But this EP is listenable, at least for its interesting title track.

Verdict: Indifference [6.5/10]


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