Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Edain - Through Thought and Time (2009)

Edain is a band whose approach to composition is quite refreshing. Amidst a storm of bands who label themselves 'progressive death metal', they stand out for their rather laid back, rustic approach to the genre, as opposed to a bewildering exercise in technical excess. There is a huge influence of 80s/NWOBHM classic metal in the sound, and the overall image I formed was some hybrid of Slough Feg (classic, almost folklike vibe to some of the riffing) and Opeth (in particular the slower acoustic sections).

At 35 minutes, Through Thought and Time is just enough material to get your interest peaked, and then it disappears. "The Downward Spiral" opens with a river-like flow of melodic, plucky acoustics and some subtle bass for atmosphere. It's quite immersive, and when the electrics pick up they weave a mystical feel of riffing not unlike early Opeth. Martin Bròovják has a classic voice which slightly recalls both Tom G. Warrior (Celtic Frost) and Big Boss (Root). "Fragments of Frail Design" decks out the chords and an organic, progressive thrash feel before succumbing again to the band's dreary folk-like acoustics. "Aphrodisiac" is a moody and seductive cornucopia of interesting riffs. "Eden Lies Obscured" is not a cover of the Sanctuary song, but a 10 minute opus of good riffs and some of the better vocals. "Earn Your Pain" has some nice leads and energy.

Through Thought and Time bleeds a down to earth garage/basement feel through its production. These gentlemen plug in, and they play. No big budget tricks. The drums sound great in this jam-like environment. The rhythm guitars are boxy, the acoustics shine and the leads are intense. Here is a band easily recommeded to anyone seeking prog-death crossover if it were created in the old days. There is just an authentic, archaic vibe to the mix. Aside from this, some obvious similarities to Opeth in how they balance many acoustic sections with the more technical death/heavy metal.

Verdict: Win [7.5/10]


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