Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wormrot - Abuse (2009)

Traditional grindcore from the exotic nation of Singapore comes Wormrot, featuring one vocalist, one guitarist, one drummer and some face-ripping intensity that will rip you from your couch and toss you from your front stoop into the searing heat radiating off the asphalt of the road in front of your house. Think Margrudergrind, think early Napalm Death. Realistically, I should hate this band for not having a bassist considering my musical background, but fuck it, this guys pack a punch that will push your sternum clear out of the center of your hair-covered back.

This band delivers something fierce, but with less of the Nasum-style anger and more of the Cephalic Carnage sense of humor about the human condition. There is the political side of things one the album, but the band is not above having a sense of wit about them with their Yeah Yeah Yeah cover of 'Rich'.

The album features twenty-three tracks, but apparently as is the trend for most record labels today, you can get other versions of the the release with additional material, but whatever, get this album in any format you can get because the true essence of what real grindcore should be is in the midst of the regular release. Tracks like 'Born Stupid', 'Shitlack', 'One Round Away' and 'Murder' are the benchmark, high water levels this album should be judged by. Also, check out the fun groove in 'Fuck...I'm Drunk' at the 29 second mark of the track.

It should be pointed out this album was released before the band was signed to Earache; apparently Earache are trying to move past their deathcore and obnoxious neo-thrash phase when it comes to signing bands. Kudos to them for actually picking up an artist with an album that more than ten people would actually want to buy and listen to more than once.

Straight from Singpore to tell you what pieces of decrepit fecal matter humans are, but with a crooked smile and a love for jokes. Sometimes that's the only way you can deal with the world.

Verdict: Epic Win [9/10]

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