Monday, August 22, 2011

Cult of Luna - Cult of Luna EP (2001)

Before I decided to undertake the Cult of Luna discography, I was unaware that they had released any EPs. While I was familiar with all of their full length releases, I couldn’t quite picture how their style would translate to a shorter EP, and it may be telling that the only other EP in their catalog contains two cover songs. This EP also contains two songs, though they are originals.
The first track, “Unfold the Inside,” begins with a slow guitar melody but, you guessed it, gives way to some heavy chugging. It’s pretty by the numbers for this point in Cult of Luna’s career, and it sounds like it could easily be an outtake from Cult of Luna. This track is pretty relentless, even by Cult of Luna’s standards. There’s a minor break from the heavy chugging towards the end, but it picks back up in short order. The track does not evolve and stays fairly similar throughout with the exception of their attempts at breakdowns during the last minute. The breakdowns, however, lack the heart of talented hardcore bands and lack the power of a good thrash breakdown. They’re just kind of there.
The second track, “The Art of Self-Extermination,” builds in a similar fashion to the first, though it starts heavier. Once it gets started, we’re in for another track of pounding repetition. The track ends heavy and doesn’t overstay its welcome, but I’m not sure I could pick out a riff from this song even if I tried really, really hard. And, no, the two notes they repeat for the last fifteen seconds do not constitute a riff.
With a running time of only thirteen minutes, it’s perplexing that Cult of Luna didn’t just throw these tracks in to their first full length as they match the general tone and feel of the first record well. Anyone who was enamored with Cult of Luna will likely want to grab a copy of this EP, but there isn’t enough meat here to be worthwhile to anyone else.
Verdict: Fail [4.5/10]

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