Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Mire - Volume 1 EP (2009)

Though my reaction to this 2-track teaser EP from UK sludge/drone hopefuls The Mire was mixed, I can easily see this band hitting home for fans of Isis, Baroness, Neurosis, and other bands with an isssss sound at the end of their names. Big walls of chords below a shining texture slog along slowly, evoking atmospheres of shame and sorrow efficiently enough.

What does strike me as different with this band is that they'll incorporate cleaner, rock vocals as in "Fears". Melodic and somewhat catchy, they create an accessibility that few similar bands can attain. Other bands like Isis and The Ocean have done this, but it does create an interesting package. The other track on the EP, "Wheelwalker", is a lot better, reminding me of a drawn out post-hardcore sound with some clean vocals soaring above, almost hypnotic, before a doom/sludge chugged out breakdown with some shining chords. I rather enjoyed this one.

Volume 1 sounds massive, and if the band produces a full length of this caliber soon it should garner them a great deal of attention. For a demo/EP production, it's quite good. The members hail from UK bands like Bossk and Centurion, so I'm guessing there is an audience in place already. It's a little difficult to judge a short release like this, but I can say with accuracy that fans of post-metal, post-hardcore sludge and drone with a more melodic flair will appreciate it. Also = great cover art. The EP will be available next month through the EyesofSound label, who recently released The Freezing Fog's s/t album, which I reviewed here. You can preview The Mire tracks at their website.

(Editor's note: This may be an incomplete release. If it turns out there are more tracks on the EP at its time of release, I will update this review.)

Verdict: Indifference [6.5/10]

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