Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Vomiturition - Flesheater Musicians on Their Last Supper EP (1992)

Flesheater Musicians on Their Last Supper sounds like a title which might suffer from English as a second language, or Fingrish, but then again I find it kind of charming, and though Vomiturition's first EP was prior to them joining the Invasion Records roster, it already showed a fairly fun and pulverizing approach to death metal. Interestingly, this band didn't seem to take on quite a unique style as some of their peers like Demilich or Sentenced, but the tracks here had a loosely Floridian feel which felt like a bit of Obituary or early Death with a few nuggets of old Cannibal Corpse that might erupt from time to time. It's got a dingy, murky feel to it which definitely caries the charm of the old turn of the 90s death metal demo years, and enough talent in the riffing and drumming to at least pay attention.

That's not to say it's very good, as the band seem destitute for 'money riffs' that are earned by all the guttural barking, and crawling tremolo-picked rhythms. It never sounds quite as evil as it needs to be, and while it isn't exactly your garden variety brutal DM which was starting to show up here in the States, it does leave that sort of dry impression where you just listened to something that was muscular and forceful but not creepy, atmospheric or memorable. The production is fine for what it represents, with a bass bonging along in there, and thick enough guitars, but the vocals aren't terribly memorable beyond just the gruesome necessity. On "A Journey Through Life", they go for something slower and steadier but it ends up a little dull. But fear not, Vomiturition will improve over this.

Verdict: Indifference [5.25/10]

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