Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nadiwrath - Nihilistic Stench (2011)

Long has much of the Greek black metal scene been noted for its mysticism and pensive forays into the country's rich mythological history, and that makes a lot of sense, but Nadiwrath seem to be a band who could change that perception. Essentially, their sound is one of pure, enthusiastic black metal with a lot of punk and rock and roll attitude. The black metal score to a barroom brawl, or a drunken demolition derby, the 'fun' factor exudes into every pore of hostility, and the result is an album that, while rarely striking chords in the memory, really makes you want to engage in violence, debauchery, misanthropy. I had a blast listening to it a few times, even if I didn't feel like there were all that many standout tracks.

This is an album with tracks called "Two Face Shit Fuckers" and "Another Pimping Whore", the former beginning with a glorious, melodic wall of chords that might just as well fit into a Bad Religion or Viking punk track, with a playful bass line beneath Wrath's snarling multi-faceted vocals. If 'Wrath' seems familiar in the Greek pantheon, it is indeed the same Wrath whose known for the prolific Dodsferd, and the drummer Maelstrom has also done some time there. Together with the bassist Nadir, they pummel through entertaining, ichor spitting mockeries like "Horns", "Eyes Full of Vengeance", and "Winter Nights", all of which should have you balling your fists in unbridled, youthful anger. I'd almost compare Nadiwrath's no nonsense, street level of appeal to Denmark's Horned Almighty, except they don't use the guttural vocals or the very Hellhammer styled grooves. No, this is more like Mayhem and Scum at a cock fight, hurling cash down on their chosen roosters while d-beat and punk tracks blaze on the radio.

The one surprise is the closer "Memories are Dead", which seems fare more weighted and serious than all the prior contents. The melodies are rich, a tapestry of sorrow, and Wrath's vocals continue to cut through the listener like a teenage reaper with a scythe. There's another lengthy piece, "There is No Light", but it's more reminiscent of Bathory, and fits better in line with the brash, spiteful contents of the album's remainder. Nihilistic Stench has a fairly vibrant and bright production throughout, like razors flashing through a drunken night of revelry and regrets, and it's quite different from what I'd expect out of Greek black metal like Varathron, Kawir and Rotting Christ. If you don't mind an injection of heroin into your black veins, this should be a decent album to pick you up without shedding the corpse paint, leather and spikes.

Verdict: Win [7.25/10]

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