Monday, July 12, 2010

Arghoslent - Arsenal of Glory DEMO (1996)

Arsenal of Glory is the fourth and final demo released by Arghoslent before their debut album Galloping Through The Battle Ruins. Of the tracks present here, only "Rape Of A Slave" would go on to be re-recorded for Galloping so most of the material here hasn't been touched by the band since. As far as I can tell the line-up on this release is the same as on the first two albums, with Holocausto and Pogrom on guitars, Kommando on bass, Alienchrist on drums and the wicked Von Demonicus handling the vocals. Surprisingly the production is actually pretty decent here, a rarity on metal demos. The drums are a bit muffled and the bass is completely buried but the guitars and vocals are both very strong.

"Rape of a Slave" greets us on this release with all the menace and malice of the version recorded on the full length. "Of Spears and Horns" follows with its very punchy beginning quickly leaving its impact on you. "Hymns of Conquest" features some great riffing throughout and a killer breakdown around the 3 minute mark that make me wish they had chosen this to be on the debut as well. Despite being a demo, a lot of the power and emotion on Arghoslent's full lengths is very much present here. "Branding the Peon", in all its blasphemous glory, is very much evident of that. The title track is the demo's instrumental, which is just a showcase for Pogrom and Holocausto to shower the unworthy listener with magnificently crafted riffs and solos. "The Negress" is another good song with lyrics that, along with "Rape of a Slave", reflect the racist beliefs held by the band. "Wereguild" is the closer. Originally recorded for the 1992 demo Bastard Son Of One Thousand Whores, it is a swift and brutal tale of Vikings in the past.

For a demo, Arsenal of Glory is a surprisingly well done release. Although only one song from here would go on to be on Galloping, the rest of them are still very good Death Metal. If the full lengths aren't enough to satisfy your Arghoslent craving, I suggest you track this down.

Verdict: Win [7.0/10] (the occult insignia)

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